John Enright - a rebel with a cause - challenges the status quo of African economics with profit sharing, capital ventures in a mission that provides investment and not aid to Africa.

Reverend John Enright - a visionary entrepreneur and maverick at heart was born and raised in the Belgian Congo. He has served as a missionary in central Africa since 1977.

At the Kafakumba Training Center (KTC) John planted a few acres of bananas using a farming plan he had tested in Congo. At that time Zambia was importing 100% of its bananas from surrounding African nations. In five short years, John cut that number by 30%. His plan - partner with local Zambians to manage the farm in sections, split the profits with each partner and reinvest his share back into more partnerships. His secret - an unconventional fertilizer recipe and an irrigation system that was one-tenth the cost of the competition. By splitting the profits with his partners and reinvesting his share into more partnerships, John has fostered the growth of new ventures including fish farms, woodworking shops, timber management, aloe-vera and palm oil farming. Each business is chosen for its ease of operation, quick set-up and high return on investment.

John's goal is to create a foundation that will provide capital for investment, not aid. His mission is to fuse ethical values with work. "They have pride, they have hope... To create dignity and pride in one's work is a tremendous accomplishment."

Director: George Reasner
Producer: Taylor Neary
Producer: George Reasner

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